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Tai Mattox

Rena Mateja Walker Burr

Catherine Alexander

Lisa Konick & Rev. Leland Seese

Sebrena Burr

Alastair Lockett

Drew Hobson and Kendra Aguilar

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"I love my access to LWB in all the ways now available to me.  I’ve taken my children and grandchildren on bikes along the path, and when it’s closed to traffic, along the street. I live close enough to walk down “Terminal” and across the street to walk and explore the lakeside – the ducks, flowers and other life there. In my car, I took my mother (who had difficulty walking) and visitors (also some who were non-ambulatory), for a ride along the boulevard to share and rekindle the memories I had of such rides when I was younger and my Mom was younger. I am a strong advocate for assuring that this Olmsted Legacy remains a legacy for all who want to access it.  Closing it to any mode of transportation restricts that access." – Vicky Murray

"When I worked at a south-end nursing home, I drove LWB – at the posted speed and stayed behind bikers per law, allowing me to see the lake, rain, sun, birds, boats, fisherman, walkers and gaining a sense of tranquility – so soul nurturing. Recharged, I could take on my family's needs once home.  Wouldn't speed bumps do the job?"  – Anna Rudd


"Let me know what I can do to help. I love biking and walking along LWB, but I also like driving along it sometimes with 90-year-old father, and sometimes with my daughter in the vintage car we restored.  With few exceptions I have found that drivers are very considerate of bikers and rollers.  There is absolutely no need to close LWB beyond the summer weekends as they do now." – Craig Shrontz


 "I have run the trail along Lake Washington Blvd. for more than 40 years.  All people, car drivers included, should have access to this beautiful stretch of road. I am against changing the access and limiting car travel." – Greg, 76 years old


"Lake Washington Boulevard is an emergency exit for many of us in case of disaster, and it must remain open to cars going in both directions!" – Wesley Gipson


"LWB needs to remain open, both ways, to vehicles. Maybe SDOT could fix the sidewalks along LWB for better access for pedestrians. Also, if pedestrians and cyclists want a path free of vehicles, then they should look to the two-mile loop in Seward Park for those activities. The loop could be improved to delineate space for walkers/joggers and bikes." – Korina


"There's no valid reason to have to choose between a safe bicycling and pedestrian path, or a safe, accessible road for vehicles. It's not either/'s both." – Dianne

“You would deny my 90 year old aunt a lovely Sunday drive around the lake that she so fondly remembers from her child rearing days? You would deny me, over 60, drivable access to the lake that RAISED me? I don’t bike, it’s more than a HIKE for me (uphill) and it’s directly over the hill from my home. I’ve played, cried, meditated, drove and walked this lake my entire life. Who ARE these people who believe it’s OK to limit access to the boulevard to select groups? … ONE WAY? Who does that serve at the expense of south end residents? No." – Sandra

"I am very passionate about this topic and I don’t want to see elite bicycle lobbies keep me from driving my 88-year-old-mom down this beautiful stretch of road. As a fifth-generation Seattleite, I value everyone being able to enjoy the beauty of Lake Washington Boulevard even if they can’t walk or bike it. I would support efforts to keep cars at the speed limit, and if we can do that I think we can all share the road happily! Please let me know how I can help." – Lisa Konick

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