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About Us

We are a coalition of Lake Washington Boulevard residents, businesses, organizations and other supporters in South and Central Seattle. We are concerned that decisions are being made about who has access to a three-mile stretch of the scenic roadway without including the voices of everyone in our community.






We are concerned about safety, emergency access, racial equity, disability access, and more cars being detoured through neighborhoods and onto neighborhood streets. Lake Washington Boulevard must remain open to people who depend on their cars to access this stretch of public lakeshore. No one should be excluded. 

Many people who live here are being left out of the process of making decisions about what driving, biking, walking and rolling on the boulevard will look like in the future. Coexist Lake Washington is the only group in South Seattle making sure that the voices of drivers are included in this process.

"When I worked at a south-end nursing home, I drove LWB – at the posted speed and stayed behind bikers per law, allowing me to see the lake, rain, sun, birds, boats, fisherman, walkers and gaining a sense of tranquility – so soul nurturing. Recharged, I could take on my family's needs once home.  Wouldn't speed bumps do the job?"  – Anna Rudd

Lake Washington Boulevard

Seattle, WA.

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