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A Community Coalition

Coexist Lake Washington

Keeping everyone moving!

Lake Washington Boulevard (LWB) is the crown jewel of South Seattle and also the last remaining stretch of drivable, easily accessible public lakeshore in our city. Generations of people and their families have treasured their time on the Boulevard, some as they drive, others while cycling, walking, or rolling.


There is a movement by the city and special interest groups to prioritize bike, foot, and roll use on Lake Washington Boulevard at the expense of the majority of people who get around by car. Many local residents and drivers from adjacent zip codes use LWB for their daily commute or to get to stores and appointments. Many others––Seattleites and visitors alike––choose to take a drive on LWB just to enjoy the peace and beauty of the lakeshore.

Lake Washington Boulevard serves as a much-needed, uncongested arterial in the South End. It also provides an invaluable respite from the stress of the city, with psychological health benefits for the tens of thousands who drive this beautiful stretch of road every year.


We are a coalition of locals working to keep Lake Washington Boulevard open for everyone to use and enjoy, no matter how they are able to do so. Please join us. Your voice matters!

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